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Had an accident?

If you have been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, DAMS will help get you back on the road.

What can you expect to happen when you contact DAMS?

Get in touch with us


We will listen to you to understand the details of your claim and the accident circumstances.


If we determine we can take your case on we proceed with your claim.


The first step to keeping you moving.

Getting you back on the road


If your vehicle is not roadworthy as a result of the accident, we will typically arrange for a hire car to be delivered to you.


You can use this car until your car is repaired, or if your car is written-off.


If you have sustained any loss from the accident, we can put you in touch with specialist solicitors to progress your claim.

We will settle your claim


As your claim is concluded, you’ll get your car back, good as new. Or, in the event that the car was written-off, you’ll get a cheque for its full value.


We’ll collect the hire car back.


Your solicitors will claim back all of your losses from the other party’s insurance company.

Superb service, very attentive with multiple processes running in tandem that are all joined up with the communication. Beats going through insurance without doubt.

Happy family driving in car.

Have you or a member of your family suffered a serious injury?

Sadly, car accidents are a regular occurrence on the roads of the UK. DAMS are committed to getting you back on the road, rehabilitation and quality of life.

Clien with Lawyer.

Specialist, compassionate legal professionals

As part of the Anexo Group plc we recommend Bond Turner Solicitors to individuals who have been involved in road traffic accidents resulting in serious and life changing injuries.

Bond Turner’s team of Grade A solicitors can offer a wide range of post-accident assistance and support throughout the litigation process including access to rehabilitation providers / courses and experts to support any claim (doctors, barristers, accountants, mobility and care experts, plus many more). They can assist with every aspect of a claim, including access to adapted vehicles, so that individuals are fully supported at every stage of their case and properly compensated.

Their senior solicitors are vastly experienced and are happy to discuss any potential claim with a prospective client or family member (where appropriate). Bond Turner will treat all enquiries with the utmost confidentiality. They take care to provide empathetic and thorough legal advice at all times.